K-12 Students


Science Fair & Beyond!

Are you looking for a great project about water? Student resources for Science Olympiad, MESA, and other regional science competitions are available from SAHRA. Coming soon (spring 2007).

Isotopes and Hydrology
Select an isotope from an interactive version of the periodic table to learn more about everyday uses of isotopes in hydrology. Check it out!

Summer Camp
In collaboration with regional science centers, botanical gardens and zoos, SAHRA supports activities for a wet and wild summer! 2006 Camps using SAHRA resources include The Phoenix Zoo & The Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix AZ.
GLOBE is a worldwide hands-on, primary and secondary school-based education and science program. Are you interested in getting involved?

SAHRA has created a number of programs and resources for K-12 students. These projects seek to help students gain a greater understanding of water resources in semi-arid regions. We also encourage students to become involved in scientific activity and pursue careers in hydrology-related fields.

Our programs for K-12 students include Summer Camp, Science Fair & Beyond, Isotopes and Hydrology, and GLOBE. These are summarized on this page. Other programs and resources of interest to K-12 students are Sabino Canyon Display, Water News Watch, Residential Water Conservation, and Water Quotes. These can be found in Resources.

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