Isotopes and Hydrology

Are you looking for ways to understand real world uses of chemistry? Select an isotope from an interactive version of the periodic table to learn more about everyday uses of isotopes in hydrology research. This Web page provides information on cost of analysis, origin, measurement techniques, hydrologic applications, and other applications for each isotope. It also includes diagrams of analysis tools and a glossary.

The content for this Web page was developed by graduate students of Brenda Ekwuzel with support from James Hogan and Mary Black. Such information may be useful to high school and undergraduate students
working on class assignments and to chemistry and environmental science teachers.

Possible classroom applications:

  • Prepare a proposal for research on restoration of part of a local river that includes the use of isotope analysis.

  • With a group of students, make a presentation that argues for the selection of a specific isotopic analysis technique.

  • Investigate what isotope analyses are used by your local water supplier and then teach younger students about local water supplies including how scientists know those things about the water, including information that is learned through isotopic analysis.


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