The University of Arizona


Tumamoc: People & Habitats is a giant laboratory of the desert, it's 860 acres packed with long-range plant ecology studies — some begun in 2011, some going back as far as 1906.

Tumamoc has been a prominent leader in the science of conservation biology. Today it pioneers in the new field of reconciliation ecology, a science which is bringing nature to our neighborhoods and finding ways to prevent a mass extinction of the Earth's species.

Its wealth of archaeological relics, which have accumulated during the past 2300 years, have earned it US recognition as the Tumamoc Hill Archaeological District of the United States and provide continuing opportunities for study of the people who first settled our valley and those indigenous cultures that followed them for centuries.

In addition, it works to improve the everyday environments of our citizens. It conducts programs for all age levels that reach out to the community with the knowledge it gains. Lectures, classes and special events.

Oh, and it’s a heck of a fine walking path for thousands of residents and visitors each week.