The University of Arizona

Reservation Ecology

Worried about a mass extinction of the Earth's creatures? Well, you should. Research at the University of Arizona has shown that more than 90% of species are in trouble and that what we are now doing will not save many of them.

But don't worry. We do know how to prevent that mass extinction. The answer is Reconciliation Ecology — designing our uses of our land so that it also supports many other species. Sharing our land and having it, too.

We certainly do NOT need to abandon our use of the land. Nor do we need to reduce its value to human beings. But to save the Earth's diversity, we have to use the land so that wild species can support themselves all around us. We have to re-design the ways we use the land for living, for profit, for recreation and for producing our food, fuel, fiber, minerals and building materials.

Does that sound like waking up to a vacation in nature every day of our lives? Good. It will be just like that.

Does that sound like Reconciliation Ecology will help to achieve environmental sustainability? Right!

Does it sound like profit and stewardship have mutual interests? Right again. Reconciliation Ecology actually increases the land's value to people.

If we will it, it is no dream...

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